Week 11 - Apr 29, 2022

Welcome to the shiny RSS3 Tech Weekly. Following the strategic adjustments carried out last week, we have been focusing on the relevant research and development in the past week, most of them are not immediately reflected on the product level.

What has happened

  1. We have add a new API that returns Items based on a list of RSS3URIs. This is the result of simplifying previous business logic and aggregating them into one API. Previously multiple requests are required to get the same response.
  2. Following our Whitepaper, we have once again dived into our research on FEED. The ultimate goal aligns with what’s described in our Whitepaper, so is the product orchestration. PreGod is tasked with the sole aim of developing a true unified product that indexes and aggregates the Web3 Feed, and delivers the outstanding experience for developers.

What is going to happen

  1. Continuing the research on PreGod.
  2. Continuing the development of classified projects.
  3. Continuing the preparation for our upcoming BUIDLCONopen in new window.

That’s it for the week, see you all next week!

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