Week 10 - Apr 22, 2022

Welcome to the shiny RSS3 Tech Weekly. Along the Early Incentive #2 that we launched this week, we had some fundamental changes taking place for PreGod and RSS3 as a whole. In this tech weekly, we briefly mention some of these changes, a more detailed article regarding this topic will be released soon.

What has happened

We have witnessed changes over the past several months in terms of the definition of what PreGod (and RSS3 as a whole) is doing. In short, we started with defining a protocol (RSS3 Protocol) that serves as the data standard for communication within an RSS3 Network. We moved on to indexing and aggregating the data (PreNode, PreGod, and ultimately in a decentralized fashion) from external sources. This data then includes Note, Asset, Profile... and more on the way (according to the original plan).

In the world of Web3, modularity is crucial. Through feedback from the community and developers, and many internal discussions. We decided that we would all focus our development primarily on building The Feed of Web3, which of course has been one of our main goals since Day 1.

What is going to happen

Focusing on the basic module of Feed is what is going to happen in the foreseeable future. Additional modules will be added when the opportunity ripes and they will be totally modularized. Our upcoming BUIDLCON will focus on FEED to accurately help and incubate dApps that enrich the RSS3 ecosystem.

On the development, PreGod will be slimmed down to the bare minimum, which means the support for β€˜non-Feed’ data will be discontinued in the upcoming v0.5.0.

As the result of this strategic simplification, we will be able to see many long-awaited projects (sorry, they must remain secret for now) a lot sooner.

That’s it for the week, see you all next week!

Dev πŸŒ€ RSS3