Week 7 - April 1, 2022

Welcome to the shiny RSS3 Tech Weekly.

Happy April Fool’s Day! Today we also celebrated the first founding anniversary of RSS3 πŸŽ‰!

What a busy week for the Dev πŸŒ€ RSS3, as the internal testing of PreGod progresses, we have had a plate full of things to work on.

What has happened


  1. We have introduced more changes to RSS3 Protocol, this brings us RSS3 Protocol v0.4.0-rc.2open in new window.
  2. In this version, we have added the followings:
    1. A clearer document structure
    2. Scaled down the protocol's storage scope, switched to index all content from third-party platforms
      1. Removed all signatures
      2. Removed the concept of file and replace it with responses
      3. Trimmed down the concept of item
      4. Removed all list words from the URI
      5. Added profiles URI and response
      6. Changed profile.accounts to profile.connected_accounts
      7. Expanded link.identifier_target to link.to and link.from
      8. Changed item.links to single URI, and added item.backlinks
      9. Added profile.source link.source asset.source note.source
      10. Updated some URI queries
      11. Removed RIP-4: Registered Indexed Items
      12. Added RIP-4: Registered Link Types RIP-5: Registered Profile Sources RIP-6: Registered Link Sources RIP-7: Registered Asset Sources RIP-8: Registered Note Sources


  1. We have managed to complete some bridging and debugging work for Hub and Indexer, trust me it is easier said than done. This also means, from now on, Hub and Indexer are converged into a simple name: Development.
  2. At the same time, we have incorporated the newly introduced changes from the Protocol:
    1. Profile, which supports ENS indexing with more to be added soon.
    2. Updated the codebase to embrace the Protocol changes mentioned above.
  3. We have further streamlined our testing and deployment workflows.


Behind the door, the crew had intensive daily sessions on various topics concerning the design of the RSS3 Network. The discussions inspired some fundamental changes and made our week even busier (In fact, the busiest week by coding activitiesopen in new window.)

What is going to happen

There is only one thing on the agenda: we will continue the internal testing for PreGod, we aim to release a beta version to the public on 8 Apr.

That’s it for the week, see you all next week!

Dev πŸŒ€ RSS3