Week 6 - March 25, 2022

Welcome to the shiny RSS3 Tech Weekly.

We are finally wrapping up everything for PreGod this week, yay! So structurally speaking, PreGod is divided into two parts, the Hub and the Indexer. Hub interacts with clients whereas Indexer interacts with external data sources. This week we have started integrating these two, building the bridge for them to communicate, and of course, testing.

What has happened


  • DevOps magics such as CI/CD and Kubernetes, you know what I mean
  • Monitoring tools were set up


  • Database migration, testing, and bug fixes


  • Indexing logic to retrieve user profile on the corresponding platform
  • Started the development for APIs to interact with Hub


  • The protocol is undergoing a big change following some major adjustments to the storage solution

What is going to happen

If things don’t go south, this week we will be focusing on integration, testing, and inevitably bug fixes, in the end we should be able to release a beta version of PreGod!

We are also working on a secret project which will be released together with PreGod.

That’s it for the week, see you all next week!

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