Week 5 - March 18, 2022

Welcome to the shiny RSS3 Tech Weekly. This week we witnessed our awesome 🎉 $RSS3 Tokenopen in new window and 🍓 Fruit Gang Avataropen in new window airdrops. We hope you all received some (and make sure you hold onto that).

What has happened

We are still working hard on our close-to-decentralised implementation of RSS3 Network for the protocol v0.4.0. During this week:

  1. To ensure higher availability and stability, we have completed our infra migration to another IaaS platform with a robust orchestration, kudos to our DevOps!
  2. Some APIs for retrieving data have been shipped to our testing environment. Try those faster APIs (do not use them in production as they are still in alpha):
    1. Get an account’s index file: https://test-pregod.rss3.dev/api/account:[email protected]open in new window
    2. Get an account’s following links: https://test-pregod.rss3.dev/api/account:[email protected]/list/link/following/0open in new window
    3. Get an account’s back-following (follower) links: https://test-pregod.rss3.dev/api/account:[email protected]/list/backlink?limit=10open in new window
  3. We have started to get our hands dirty on the JS SDK implementation.
  4. We have improved the indexing logistics with a simple queue implementation to replace the need for an MQ.
  5. We have removed uuid in protocol

What is going to happen

  1. More APIs, including putting files, indexing external network feed etc., will be coming soon.
  2. JS SDK for protocol v0.4.0 is expected to be released upon the very week of the stable API release.

That’s it for the week, see you all next week!

Dev 🌀 RSS3