Week 1 - February 18, 2022

Throughout the much exciting $RSS3 LBP auction, the dev team continued to work on RSS3 Protocol v0.4.0open in new window and RSS3 Network PreGodopen in new window, a leap forward towards a truly decentralized information distribution architecture.

What has happened

  1. We’ve polished our RSS3 Protocol based on the adventureopen in new window. Within the team, we’ve ironed out some issues encountered in utilizing v0.3.1, and released simple type definition and examples for v0.4.0-rc. We expect v0.4.0 to be a stable version without introducing breaking changes anytime soon.
  2. We’ve continued building the foundation for PreGod, which included tech stack choices (some tough calls were made) and some toolings.
  3. We’ve finalized the design of the first version of PreGod’s database schema, which is fully conformed to RSS3 Protocol v0.4.0-rc. The design process also revealed some protocol structural issues, which allowed us to refine the v0.4.0-rc.
  4. We’ve finalized the design of RSS3 URI Specification, which will be used for routing and communication within PreGod.
  5. We’ve established a direct channel of communication with our core developers, which is located in the #💡meet-the-developers channel of the RSS3 Discord Serveropen in new window

What is going to happen

  1. As we aim to build PreGod to be as performant as possible, we will continue to lay a solid foundation. This may involve some further investigations into the tech stack.
  2. We will be building the database logic for virtually everything PreGod.
  3. We will start moving over some codebase written for PreNode that are reusable for PreGod. Some improvements will be made as well.
  4. We will continue the exploration of interesting ideas and concepts (like the SatoshiLabs Improvement Proposalsopen in new window we discovered this week, which sparked a meaningful discussion among us) to inspire ourselves.
  5. We will continue the research of v0.4.0 and soon release the detailed documentation for v0.4.0-rc.

That’s it for the week, see you all next week!

Dev 🌀 RSS3