RSS3 v0.1.0

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1. Abstract

Derived from the best out of RSS, RSS3 is an open protocol designed for content and social networks in the Web 3.0 era.

This document describes the interfaces of RSS3 files.

2. Status of This Document

The proposal is being incubated in the NaturalSelectionLabsopen in new window.

GitHubopen in new window issuesopen in new window and discussionsopen in new window are preferred for discussion of this specification.

3. Future Compatibility

This version is a pre-release version, so it is not guaranteed to be compatible with subsequent versions, but breaking updates will be kept to a minimum.

4. Concepts

  • Persona - a user, either as an individual or as a group
  • Item - An item published by a persona
  • Context - One type of interactive content for an item
  • Link - One type of relationship to other personas from current persona
  • Backlink - A link from other personas to current persona

5. Interfaces

5.1 Interfaces in TypeScript

type RSS3ID = string;
type RSS3ItemID = string;
type RSS3ItemsID = string;
type RSS3ListID = string;
type ThirdPartyAddress = string[];

// Common attributes for each files
interface RSS3Base {
    id: RSS3ID | RSS3ItemsID | RSS3ListID;
    "@version": '';
    date_created: string;
    date_updated: string;
    signature?: string;

// Entrance, RSS3 file
interface RSS3 extends RSS3Base {
    id: RSS3ID;

    profile: {
        name?: string;
        avatar?: ThirdPartyAddress;
        bio?: string;
        tags?: string[];
        signature?: string;

    items: RSS3Item[];
    items_next?: RSS3ItemsID;

    links?: {
        type: string;
        tags?: string[];
        list: RSS3ID[];
        list_next?: RSS3ListID;
        signature?: string;
    "@backlinks"?: {
        type: string;
        list: RSS3ID[];
        list_next?: RSS3ListID;

    assets?: {
        type: string;
        tags?: string[];
        content: string;

// RSS3Items file
interface RSS3Items extends RSS3Base {
    id: RSS3ItemsID;

    items: RSS3Item[];
    items_next?: RSS3ItemsID;

// RSS3List file
interface RSS3List extends RSS3Base {
    id: RSS3ListID;

    list: RSS3ID[] | RSS3ItemID[];
    list_next?: RSS3ListID;

interface RSS3Item {
    id: RSS3ItemID;
    authors?: RSS3ID[];
    title?: string;
    summary?: string;
    tags?: string[];
    date_published?: string;
    date_modified?: string;

    type?: string;
    upstream?: RSS3ItemID;

    contents?: {
        address: ThirdPartyAddress;
        mime_type: string;
        name?: string;
        tags?: string[];
        size_in_bytes?: string;
        duration_in_seconds?: string;

    "@contexts"?: {
        type?: string;
        list: RSS3ItemID[];
        list_next?: RSS3ListID;

    signature?: string;

5.2 Examples

A persona 0xC8b960D09C0078c18Dcbe7eB9AB9d816BcCa8944 with a published item Hello World and a comment to it

    "id": "0xC8b960D09C0078c18Dcbe7eB9AB9d816BcCa8944",
    "@version": "",
    "date_created": "2009-05-01T00:00:00.000Z",
    "date_updated": "2021-05-08T16:56:35.529Z",

    "profile": {
        "name": "DIYgod",
        "avatar": ["dweb://diygod.jpg", ""],
        "bio": "ๅ†™ไปฃ็ ๆ˜ฏ็ƒญ็ˆฑ๏ผŒๅ†™ๅˆฐไธ–็•Œๅ……ๆปก็ˆฑ๏ผ",
        "tags": ["demo", "lovely", "technology"]

    "items": [{
        "id": "0xC8b960D09C0078c18Dcbe7eB9AB9d816BcCa8944-item-1",
        "authors": ["0xC8b960D09C0078c18Dcbe7eB9AB9d816BcCa8944"],
        "summary": "Yes!!",
        "date_published": "2021-05-09T16:56:35.529Z",
        "date_modified": "2021-05-09T16:56:35.529Z",

        "type": "comment",
        "upstream": "0xC8b960D09C0078c18Dcbe7eB9AB9d816BcCa8944-item-0"
    }, {
        "id": "0xC8b960D09C0078c18Dcbe7eB9AB9d816BcCa8944-item-0",
        "authors": ["0xC8b960D09C0078c18Dcbe7eB9AB9d816BcCa8944"],
        "title": "Hello World",
        "summary": "Hello, this is the first item of RSS3.",
        "date_published": "2021-05-08T16:56:35.529Z",
        "date_modified": "2021-05-08T16:56:35.529Z",

        "contents": [{
            "file": ["dweb://never.html", ""],
            "mime_type": "text/html"
        }, {
            "file": ["dweb://never.jpg"],
            "mime_type": "image/jpeg"

        "@contexts": [{
            "type": "comment",
            "list": ["0xC8b960D09C0078c18Dcbe7eB9AB9d816BcCa8944-item-1"]
        }, {
            "type": "like",
            "list": ["0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"]
    "items_next": "0xC8b960D09C0078c18Dcbe7eB9AB9d816BcCa8944-items-0",

    "links": [{
        "type": "follow",
        "list": ["0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"]
    }, {
        "type": "superfollow",
        "list": ["0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"]
    "@backlinks": [{
        "type": "follow",
        "list": ["0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"]

    "assets": [{
        "type": "some experience point",
        "content": "100"

5.3 Fields

5.3.1 General

Fields starting with @ characters

  • Entirely the responsibility of the hosting program
  • May be modified by the hosting program at any time
  • Not allowed to be modified by the persona

The signature field

  • Signed by persona's private key
  • The signature content is the Keccak-256 hash of the object to which the field belongs and excluding fields starting with @ characters and the signature field itself
  • Useful for the object integration verification for both server side and persona side
  • If the server side is trusted, then this field is optional
  • This field can appear anywhere in RSS3, the position in the interfaces is recommended


Custom objects can be used in RSS3. Names must start with an _ character followed by a letter. Custom objects can appear anywhere in RSS3.

Empty contents

It is strongly recommended to delete fields with empty contents, including empty strings, empty arrays, empty objects

5.3.2 RSS3Base

Common attributes for each file

  • id: Unique indicate for current file and public key for current persona
  • @version: Proposal version for current file. It should be like
  • date_created: Specifies the created date in RFC 3339 format
  • date_updated: Specifies the updated date in RFC 3339 format
  • signature: Refer to General

5.3.3 RSS3

RSS3 file, indicating a persona

  • profile: Profile of current persona
    • name: Name of current persona
    • avatar: Avatar of current persona. It is one or multiple third party addresses that link to an identical file
    • bio: Bio of current persona
    • tags: Tags of current persona
    • signature: Refer to General
  • items: Partial items published by current persona
  • items_next: Next page of items. See RSS3Items for more details
  • links: Links for this persona
    • type: Link type, for example: follow superfollow
    • tags: Tags of current link
    • list: Personas who belong to this link
    • list_next: Next page of link list. See RSS3List for more details
    • signature: Refer to General
  • @backlinks: Backlinks for this persona, for example: follow type of backlink means followers.
    • type: Ibid
    • list: Ibid
    • list_next: Ibid
  • assets: Assets for current persona.
    • type: Asset type, for example: some experience point
    • tags: Tags of current assets
    • content: Content of current assets

5.3.4 RSS3Items

RSS3Items file, used for pagination of RSS3 files

  • id: Unique indicate for current file. Its value should be ${RSS3ID}-items-${index}
  • items: List of items
  • items_next: Next page of items

5.3.5 RSS3List

RSS3List file, used for pagination of links and contexts

  • id: Unique indicate for current file. Its value should be ${RSS3ID}-list-${field}-${type}
  • list: List
  • list_next: Next page of list

5.3.6 RSS3Item

Indicating a content posted by a persona or a context

  • id: Unique ID of current item. Its value should be ${RSS3ID}-item-${index}
  • authors: Authors of current item. It is a list of RSSOtherPersona
  • title: Title of current item
  • summary: Content summary of current item
  • tags: Tags of current item
  • date_published: Specifies the published date in RFC 3339 format
  • date_modified: Specifies the modified date in RFC 3339 format
  • type: Item type for the not original item, for example: comment like
  • upstream: Upstream of the not original item
  • contents: Contents of current item, possibly multiple different types of content
    • address: Content address. It is one or multiple third party addresses that link to an identical file
    • mime_type: MIME typeopen in new window of current content
    • name: Name of current content
    • tags: Tags of current content
    • size_in_bytes: Size of current content in bytes
    • duration_in_seconds: Duration of current content in seconds. Mainly for audio and video use
  • @contexts: Interactive items from other personas.
    • type: Same as type above
    • list: Items that belong to this context
    • list_next: Next page of context list. See RSS3List for more details
  • signature: Refer to General