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Supporting of, Top Social DApp on Base

About is a decentralized social application built on Base chain. It offers token-gated chat rooms and a market where users can trade the popularity, likeness, and network strength of creators and influencers. As the application gains popularity, continues to attract developers in building tools around the application.

TL;DR's rise has spurred a wave of innovation, with developers crafting tools like top account trackers, NFT conversion tools for “keys”, and more. However, the challenge of translating raw on-chain data into user-friendly information was a significant hurdle. RSS3's optimized ready-to-use data data offers developers an optimized solution to build with data, providing instant access to quick insights of the on-chain information from

Enhancing Social DApps with RSS3


The ascent of has reshaped the landscape of decentralized social platforms, emphasizing user ownership, data control, and permissionless development. However, developers grappled with the inherent complexities of blockchain data, which often lacked user-friendly context.


  1. Data Accessibility: The growing trendiness of generated vast amounts of on-chain data. Making this data easily accessible was paramount for developers, users, and projects alike.
  2. Cross-Platform Integration: While many were keen to develop tools around, the task of facilitating seamless communication between different dApps was not easy.
  3. Data Interpretation: Raw on-chain data are often abstract and detached from metadata. Developers striving for intuitive user interfaces found themselves investing significant effort to give context to this raw data.

Solution: RSS3 Social

  1. One-Stop Indexing: RSS3 positioned itself as the premier open social indexer, supporting a plethora of open social protocols, included. It served as a conduit, enabling protocols to harness the power of’s data.
  2. Easy Integration: RSS3's design prioritized ease of integration, allowing developers to tap into processed on-chain data without intricate setup processes.
  3. Comprehensive and Interpretable Data: RSS3's data format not only facilitated rapid access to on-chain data but also translated it into meaningful, human-readable insights, a boon for developers aiming to create user-centric applications.


  1. Boosted Developer Productivity: The integration process was simplified, enabling developers to seamlessly incorporate data into their projects.
  2. Promotion of Interoperability: RSS3's approach underscored the value of collaboration in the decentralized social space, highlighting the potential of a truly interoperable Open Social.
  3. Growth in Adoption: By addressing fragmentation and interoperability challenges, RSS3 drew more users and developers to decentralized social platforms, fortifying the Open Web ecosystem's foundations.

To sum it up, RSS3's backing of platforms like represents a paradigm shift. It has not only enriched the experience for users and developers but has also paved the way for a cohesive and interconnected Open Web.

The RSS3 Ecosytem

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