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ActivityPub & Mastodon - Pioneers towards Open Social

About ActivityPub & Mastodon

ActivityPub is an open, federated social networking protocol, offering a client/server API for content management and a federated server-to-server API for content delivery. On the other hand, Mastodon is an open-source platform that provides self-hosted social networking services, reminiscent of Twitter, but through a federated structure of independent nodes. Both platforms champion the cause of a decentralized web, with Mastodon being a notable user of the ActivityPub protocol.


RSS3 amplified the offerings of both ActivityPub and Mastodon, ensuring their content was seamlessly integrated and discoverable across the Open Web landscape, fostering a unified and enhanced user experience.

Providing Social Content from Federated Networks with RSS3


As decentralized alternatives to mainstream social platforms, both ActivityPub and Mastodon were reshaping the landscape of social networking. Users were drawn to the promise of greater control over their data and the freedom from centralized algorithms. However, with federalization/decentralization came the challenge of fragmentation. As more nodes and instances emerged, there was a clear need for a system that could seamlessly integrate and make discoverable the vast amounts of content being generated.


While both ActivityPub and Mastodon moving towards decentralization, they face the challenge of ensuring content discoverability and interoperability. Users needed a way to access content across various nodes and instances without feeling overwhelmed. Moreover, for the broader Open Web to thrive, there was a need to ensure that the valuable content from these platforms could be easily integrated with other open platforms.

Solution: RSS3 Social

RSS3, as the largest Open Web indexer, recognized the challenges faced by platforms like ActivityPub and Mastodon. This not only ensured that content was easily discoverable but also that it could be integrated across various platforms in the Open Web, providing a unified user experience.


The collaboration with RSS3 brought about transformative results for both ActivityPub and Mastodon. Users now had a one-stop solution for discovering content across the decentralized landscape. The enhanced discoverability led to increased user engagement, with more users joining the decentralized social networking movement. Furthermore, developers found it easier to integrate content, leading to a richer ecosystem of Open Web apps and platforms. In essence, RSS3's support solidified ActivityPub's and Mastodon's positions as leading players in the Open Social networking realm, setting a precedent for future platforms.

The RSS3 Ecosytem

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