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Welcoming Base - The Ethereum Layer 2 Incubated By Coinbase

About Base

Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution on the OP Stack in collaboration with Optimism and scaled by Coinbase. Offering robust scalability, it supports any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) codebase and ensures low-cost transactions. DApps building on Base can leverage upon Coinbase's vast resources and user base.


Base, the Ethereum L2 by Coinbase, are fully supported by the RSS3 Network. And with the RSS3 Search Solution introduced, unified data fetching, easy integration, and comprehensive data interpretation are offered to the Base Ecosystem. As a result, Base builders now enjoy streamlined data access, enhanced interoperability, and empowered analytics, solidifying Base's position as an efficient and user-centric platform in the blockchain community.

Bringing the Ultimate Search Solution to the Base Ecosystem with RSS3


Base, an innovative Ethereum L2 blockchain, was designed to be a secure, low-cost, and builder-friendly platform, targeting the onboarding of the next billion users to the blockchain world. With Base’s growth as a hub of data and dApps of the Coinbase ecosystem, there was a growing need for an efficient way to search, access, and interpret the data across different dApps, not just for developers but for the broader community.


  1. Data Accessibility: With the boosting ecosystem of Base, there was an increasing amount of data and dApp information. Ensuring easy access of them is important for developers, users, and projects.
  2. Cross-Platform Integration: Base's interoperability with other EVM chains eases the deployment of many existing codebases - unified and structured data access can help lower the barrier of onboarding.
  3. Data Interpretation: While powering a wide range of dApps from games to DEXs, structured and interpretable data is essential to ensure it is open and accessible to everyone.

Solution: RSS3 Search

  1. Unified Data Fetching: RSS3's capability to process raw data into human-readable format allows Base to offer a single point of access for all its data, both on-chain transactions and off-chain metadata. This simplifies the user experience and reduces the complexity of data retrieval.
  2. Easy Integration: The simplicity of integrating with RSS3 means that developers or dApps can quickly onboard and offer Base’s ready-to-use processed on-chain information to a wider audience without the need for complex integrations or multiple data sources.
  3. Comprehensive and Interpretable Data: RSS3's ready-to-used data format allows not only quick onboarding but also more complex and insightful analytics. This can be a significant advantage for developers and projects looking for deeper insights from their blockchain activities.


  1. Streamlined Data Accessibility: Developers, users, and projects could effortlessly search and access any data or dApp information in human-readable way on Base, enhancing their efficiency and decision-making processes.
  2. Boosted Interoperability: The seamless integration of data across platforms, enabled by RSS3, ensured a consistent and comprehensive experience for all Base users.
  3. Empowered Analytics: With the structured data from RSS3, users and developers could swiftly derive more meaningful insights, driving better strategies and actions.

In essence, RSS3's support amplifies Base's core strengths, making it more efficient, user-friendly, and comprehensive, thereby enhancing its appeal to the broader blockchain community.

The RSS3 Ecosytem

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