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Welcoming Avalanche - The Future-Proof Blockchain Built to Scale

About Avalanche

Avalanche (AVAX) is a blockchain system with near-instant transaction finality and high-throughput. In addition, it offers a system of subnets, which allow builders to spin up a taylor-made network, and offers low-cost transactions. Further, it’s mostly EVM-compatible allowing dApps building on Ethereum to deploy on Avalanche without having to make significant modifications.


Avalanche, a top Ethereum alternative, is now fully backed by the RSS3 Network. Thanks to RSS3 Search Solution, developers benefit from (i) centralized data retrieval, (ii) straightforward integration, and (iii) digestible on-chain Avalanche data. This ensures dApps using Avalanche data enjoy streamlined access and insights, accelerating the ecosystem's growth and development.

Fast Avalanche Data Query with RSS3


Avalanche, an innovative and high-throughput L1 blockchain, was designed to be a scalable, flexible, and builder-centric scaling solutions, targeting the mass onboarding of builders and users to web3. With Avalanche’s success as a hub of popular decentralized applications, there was a growing need for an efficient way to search, access, and interpret the on-chain data across the different dApps on Avalanche, not just for developers but for the broader community.


  1. Data Availability: As Avalanche's ecosystem expanded at a rapid pace, there was a surge in on-chain data and dApp details. It became crucial for developers, end-users, and projects to have seamless access to this data.
  2. Inter-dApp Communication: While Avalanche's EVM compatibility and distinctive architecture simplify the migration of existing Ethereum dApps to Avalanche, ensuring smooth communication between various dApps on Avalanche poses hurdles for developers, especially when trying to access on-chain data and related metadata from other dApps.
  3. Data Contextualization: Unprocessed on-chain data, entries like NFT #21322, often miss enough context. Developers aiming for intuitive user interfaces found themselves dedicating extensive resources to give meaning to this raw Avalanche data.

Solution: RSS3 Search

  1. Centralized Data Access: RSS3's ability to transform raw on-chain data into a format understandable by humans provides Avalanche developers with a consolidated gateway to all its data, encompassing both on-chain activities and off-chain details. This approach streamlines the development process and minimizes data access challenges.
  2. Streamlined Integration: RSS3's design prioritizes ease of integration, allowing developers to tap into processed Avalanche on-chain data without intricate setup processes or reliance on multiple data providers.
  3. In-depth and Understandable Data: RSS3's processed data structure not only ensures swift access to on-chain data but also delivers detailed and user-friendly insights, a boon for developers aiming to create user-centric applications on Avalanche.


  1. Enhanced Data Access: The integration process was simplified, enabling developers to seamlessly incorporate Avalanche data into their projects, enhancing both the development process and overall user interaction.
  2. Elevated Cross-Platform Communication: RSS3's approach underscored the value of collaboration in the decentralized space, highlighting the potential of a truly interoperable ecosystem for Avalanche's dApps.
  3. Advanced Data Insights: Leveraging the processed on-chain Avalanche data provided by RSS3, both users and developers can quickly extract valuable insights, enriching and accelerating their experience with Avalanche.

In summary, RSS3 Search Solution enhances Avalanche's foundational capabilities, optimizing its efficiency, user focus, and cross-platform compatibility. This not only benefits developers but also accelerates Avalanche's expansion within the wider blockchain ecosystem.

The RSS3 Ecosytem

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