Next-Gen Open Web
Experience with AI
Paving the way for intelligent open web interactions with MoE-enhanced AI models
Our Mixture of Experts (MoE) architecture uses a gating network chooses the best expert models for specific tasks. Different expert models are like specialized Lego blocks, each optimized for distinctive functions, working independently yet collaboratively to produce a unified output.
MoE Layer
On-chain AI Use Cases

Content Generation

Boost productivity for content creators

Enterprise Workflows

Streamline + optimize working processes

Automated Execution

Execute and interact with smart contracts automatically

Trading & Forecasting

Analyze real-time market data and get trading assistance

Risk Management + Security

Identify and mitigate potential risks and threats proactively

The RSS3 AI Ecosytem - The AI Copilot for Lens cover
Case Study - The AI Copilot for Lens
Web3 User Activity - The First Web3 ChatGPT Plugin cover
Case Study
Web3 User Activity - The First Web3 ChatGPT Plugin