RSS3 is an open information syndication protocol that aims to support efficient and decentralized information distribution in Web3.


Why RSS3?

The right to create, disseminate and distribute information should not be in the hands of centralized governing. It is the basic right of cyber lives.

Gradually over the past two decades, several data superpowers have controlled contents and links to create a toxic centralized atmosphere, where privacy and freedom are sacrificed for profits. This atmosphere further hinders innovations: No matter how well you design and engineer your application, there is no way to compete with the data monopolies.

The world has been eager for a new way of information syndication. RSS used to be the pioneer of its time, now itโ€™s time for us to pick up the baton and carry on.

Derived from the best out of RSS, RSS3 is an open information syndication protocol that aims to support efficient and decentralized information distribution in Web3. It defines the format of information presence and communication, with this elegantly designed, user-friendly content format, clients can easily access a variety of content sources in a uniform format without the need for extensive compatibility logic.

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How RSS3 works?

RSS3 Protocols classify information into four types - profiles links assets notes

RSS3 Apps access and publish data using RSS3 SDKs in the format defined by RSS3 Protocols

RSS3 SDKs fetch data from the RSS3 Network and publish data to RSS3 Supported Networks

RSS3 Network crawls data from various RSS3 Supported Networks, caches the data into its own efficient database, and do some pre-processing, such as applying artificial intelligence recommendation algorithms and providing search function.

RSS3 System

RSS3 and its affiliated network and tools are open and permissionless - If you are using RSS3 for your project, we would be delighted if you let us knowopen in new window.

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RSS3 Apps

Feel free to submit yours in Let us know!open in new window


A Web3 native social media with great interoperability

Open Revery


Another cross-platform Web3 Profile

Open Cheers


RSS3 work with Mask Network to bring the best Web3 enhanced Web2 social experience

Open Mask


RSS3 powers the profile page of ShowMe, an NFT social subscription platform

Open ShowMe


RSS3 powers the activity feed of different groups in crypto organizations of InGroup, a web3 social network

Open inGroup


RSS3 powers the profile of FlowNS, an opening protocol of identities and assets

Open Flowns

Une Meta

RSS3 support his social-enforced NFT trading platform to bring out a refreshing NFT experience

Open Une Meta

Matrix World

RSS3 powers the social profile of characters in this metaverse

Open Matrix World


RSS3 constructs part of Unipassโ€™s user social graph

Open UniPass


A web3 users topological graph network where a major part of data comes from RSS3

Open KNN3

Interface Search

A social search engine where a major part of data comes from RSS3

Open Interface Search


RSS3 provides data for profile and also community activities for this decentralized community

Open Atem

RSS3 Supported Sources







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