RSS3 bridges web3 to AI, search, feed, and beyond

RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol designed to achieve open, efficient, and secure flow of information on the Open Web.

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    Train AI (LLM) models with natural language content from the ever-growing decentralized web
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    Access data from blockchains and provide results directly to conversational AIs like ChatGPT
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The RSS3 Network is formed by a group of RSS3 Nodes, running consistently to aggregate data from multiple decentralized networks, both on- and off-chain.
Currently, the RSS3 network communicates with developers via the RSS3 API, providing efficient access to information on the Open Web.
In 2022, the RSS3 network processed over 1.4 billion requests.
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Monetizable API requests since Jan 11, 2023.
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Everything AI-Ready
RSS3, the information dissemination protocol for the Open Web, has reached a significant milestone by expanding its reach to encompass all aspects of the Open Web.
Platformless Media
Media in the internet era has been all about platforms. If anyone tries to start gathering focus and influence by creating contents, no matter it's your grandma or NYTimes, they need to start by thinking about what platform they want be start with. You want to shoot funny videos?
The Historical and Structural Perspective of RSS3
As the name suggest, RSS3 is proposed to be a successor of the original RSS standard, which was the first prominent information distribution protocol. Data, similar to land, labor, capital and all other means of production, has changed dramatically in terms of ownership since the 90s.
Introducing $RSS3
The power for distributing information has fallen into the grip of centralized platforms for a long time, and we are determined to change it.
RSS3 has raised more than 30 million in total with top-notch backers all around the world.
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